1. What are your hours of operation?

-The exact hours of open/close change depending on the time of the  year. All first features are shown around dusk just as the sun goes down. Second features begin after a 10/15 minute intermission. Once the second (or sometimes third) movie ends, it's time to roll out! Please check closer to your ticket date for approximate movie start time. 

2. Are you open all year round?

-Nope, we start and end our season depending on the seasonal weather and attendance trends. More times than not, we operate from mid-March through November. Our days of operation are Friday, Saturday, and Sundays (Fridays and Saturdays after Labor Day weekend; Thursdays added upon demand). Please check our website regularly for continued updates.

We play our movies come rain or shine!

3. What kind of movies do you show?

-We always try to show the latest & greatest of what cinema has to offer! Movies shown depend on deals with the studios, local popularity, availability, and are scheduled on a weekly basis. During the holiday season, we like to show movies that pertain to the holiday/season in question. Please check our website weekly to see what we will be showing.

We try to pair movies with similar ratings (G, PG, etc.) together, but sometimes that proves very difficult. To a great extent, what movies can be played together is determined by the studios involved- not us. The studios compete against one another for the movie-goers' dollars and would not want a rival up on the screen with their movie. Though we are a family friendly establishment and try to avoid R rated movies as much as possible, they do get shown due to their popularity. Please keep all movies that are playing on the date of your ticket in mind.

Keep your eyes open to learn more about our Classic Car Festival!

4. What time should I arrive?

-Please arrive as close to Box Office open time as possible. This allows you and your family sufficient time for finding your space in the field, purchasing and enjoying your meal, and settling in to watch the movies. So there's no disruption for those who are already watching the movie, there are no admissions while the movie is playing. If you arrive after the first feature has started or arrive early for the second feature, you will not be admitted until Intermission.

Our Box Office closes at the start of the latest feature, and there are NO ADMISSIONS after the Box Office has closed- regardless of your ticket status.

Please use parking lights only when moving within the field and there's something on the screen. Headlights must be otherwise extinguished to be considerate of the patrons who are already watching the movie.

See info for "Arriving Late or Leaving Early."

5. How do I order tickets?

-Tickets can ONLY be purchased here or under our "Now Playing" tab on the main menu, not at the Box Office. Ticket sales are usually available/activated within one hour after our website has been updated.

The ticket purchaser is entitled to ONE space for ONE vehicle in the screen field. In other words: Every person that you've purchased a ticket for must be in the same car. The Delsea reserves the right to refuse additional vehicle(s). If permitted in by management, the price for the additional vehicle space will be $30.00

Due to our ONLINE TICKETS ONLY policy, if you leave the drive-in field, you will not be able to re-enter after you leave. If online tickets are still available, you can re-enter after purchasing a new ticket.

6. Can I get refunded tickets?

-Tickets will be refunded if we have to terminate the show due to extreme weather conditions, or there's an irreparable technical malfunction, not for any other reason.

7. Are there any unpermitted items?

-All alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, liquor, etc.), are prohibited at the drive-in. We reserve the right to notify the local police if it appears that any of our patrons are under the influence.

If you choose to bring in any outside food/beverage, a food permit MUST be purchased. Failure to do so will result in a higher fee and/or removal from the premises. Click here to learn more.

SAFETY: To ensure everyone's safety, ALL cars will be inspected at the Box Office before entry to the field. Any unwanted/illegal items of any kind will result in the police being called. Yes this includes pocket knives.

8. What are the Concession Stand's hours of operation?

-We open our concession stand about an hour before showtime and we stay open till the second movie starts.

9. What kind of food do you sell?

-Lots! We dish out burgers, pizzas, fried foods, ice cream, and all other fun grub! Click here to look at our whole menu.

Click here for our Gluten Free food menu.

10. How do I order food?

-Ordering food has never been easier at the DDI! You put your order in through this link intermissions.square.site/, and once your order is ready, you will receive a notification on your smart phone. This means that you no longer have to wait in a line and can enjoy the movie from the comfort of your car until your order is completed!

Since the Coivd-19 pandemic, we are no longer taking orders NOT placed through the app.

We understand that technology can make mistakes sometimes. If this occurs when an order is placed (ex: a food ticket doesn't print, the app shutdowns, etc.), bring it to our attention and we will get your order filled.

11. Can I switch screens?

-No, you cannot switch screens unless you purchase another ticket and room allows. If this rule is not followed, you will be asked to leave with no refund.

Studios are paid on each ticket for a particular screen's specific double feature. The lease rates are different for each particular set of double features. Therefore, changing screens is absolutely not permitted.  The additional ticket(s) would need to be purchased prior to the customer being allowed to move to the other screen. 

12. Do you have restrooms?

-Of course! When standing at the front of the Concession Stand, our women's restroom is located on the right (Screen 1), and the men's is on the left (Screen 2).

13. Can I host a private event here?

-We love hosting private events! The DDI is available for rent on non-operating days and evenings only. Rental requires full screen buyout, with no live concerts in the evening hours. Rental is suitable for large groups, businesses, and corporations (75-550+ vehicles). Please email our event planner to get more information on booking a private event. 

Email: info@delseadrive-in.net

14. What are "Pet Sundays"?

-Good question! When our season is in full swing and we're open all weekend long, we welcome your non-human family members to the DDI on Sundays only! During the slower season when we are not open on Sundays, pets are only welcome on Saturdays.

Pet rules: To keep potential patron disturbance or injury to an absolute minimum, please do not bring your pet if it is too unruly or you won't be able to keep a watchful eye on it. Our evenings can get to a great volume of attendees with limited spacing. Safety is our top priority and we do not condone any animal roughhousing of any kind.

Everyone knows pets have to relieve themselves at intervals just like us! Please stop at our designated "Pet Stops" on the field either before parking, before showtime, or during intermission. It is dark at the drive-in and a pet's waste products would be difficult to see and avoid so please see our Pet Policy for current updates/status.

*** Trained/certified Service Dogs that perform services for a disabled individual are not considered to be pets and are allowed year round at the drive-in in accordance with the ADA. Therapy pets are not Service Dogs and are not allowed at the drive-in year round.

Per ADA.gov:

What questions can a business ask about a service dog?

In situations where it is not obvious that the dog is a service animal, staff may ask only two specific questions: (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

(Please see Pet Policy under the House Rules tab)

15. Do you offer group discounts?

-Sorry, but we do not offer any group discounts due to contractual agreements.

16. What about donations?

-The Delsea Drive-In Theatre will consider "Pass" donations to all legitimate fund-raising organizations. In-person requests are preferred when possible. All requests must be accompanied by an explanatory letter, non-profit Tax ID, and contact info. If approved, the party requesting the donation may come by the Delsea Drive-In during regular operating hours to pick up the Passes. Please read operating hour info at our website's Home Page or in the section above.

If visiting the Delsea Drive-In during operating hours presents a hardship or if we are closed for the season, we ask that the requesting party forward an addressed, stamped envelope to:

Delsea Drive-In Theatre

2203 S. Delsea Dr.

Vineland, N.J. 08360

Please understand that the Delsea Drive-In Theatre, although happy to donate to reputable causes whenever possible, is a privately-owned small business with annual limitations on gift-giving. Your understanding is very much appreciated.

17. Anything else I should know before I arrive?

- If you need assistance while on our premises, please find a field staff member (someone wearing a glow-in-the-dark vest) or come to our Concession Stand. If you are not present and have a question, please email us at info@delseadrive-in.net, but most answers can be found at our website (Like where you're reading this right now!).

-To hear your movie, tune into the FM radio signal either from your car or portable radio. We have some radios for rent but they go quickly. Radio rentals are exact cash only: $10 and require leaving a valid driver's license and card on file with us for the evening.

-You CANNOT run your car. Read our "House Rules" for more info.

-If you choose to sit in front of your car, your chairs must be placed in front of the vehicle, not beside it. We have a limited number of chairs available for rent, so please see a field or Concession staff member regarding rental. Cash only, exact change: $4 and valid Driver's license on file.