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History of the Delsea Drive-In Movie Theatre

The Delsea Drive-In was built in 1949, closed in 1987, and reopened in 2004. Located in Vineland, New Jersey, it is New Jersey's only drive-in movie theatre. It is less than a one hour drive from Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and Delaware. Combining the nostalgia of the drive-in movie theatre with modern technologies and healthier food choices, the Delsea Drive-In offers affordable family fun for all ages. The number of drive-ins has fallen from over four thousand to less than four hundred over the past few decades, largely in part to increasing real estate values and the popularity of the fast food industry. The concession stand is where the drive-in covers operating expenses. In either your own drive-in experiences or wanting to create drive-in memories for your children or grandchildren remember one thing, "If you eat here, we'll be here."

History of the Drive-In Movie Theatre

On June 6, 1933, the first drive-in movie theatre was opened by Richard Hollingshead Jr. in Pennsauken, New Jersey.
The admission cost was 25 cents per car and 25 cents per person.


The Delsea Drive-In in the News

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Please consider that the Delsea can be more busy on weekends when new release are playing. Considering our ongoing staffing shortage, this can make for longer lines and wait times. Unfortunately, the unanticipated busyness by some attendees has resulted in their being indignant and verbally abusive to our staff. This behavior only serves to threaten the retainment of remaining employees and serves as a serious deterrent to those considering acceptance of a position at the Delsea. We respectfully ask attendees to consider purchasing a Food Permit that allows the attendee to bring in outside food and beverage at times when increased attendance is or should be expected: new release first weekend + nice weather forecast. We realize that there are some that do not understand or agree with the Food Permit requirement to bring in outside food and beverage. The reality is that no authentic drive-in can survive on the remains of the Box Office. The bulk of the Box Office dollars are directed to the costs involved in leasing the product. Considering the low cost of $11 for the DOUBLE FEATURE (TWO MOVIES), we believe the Food Permit cost is reasonable. The fallout from the Covid -19 pandemic has greatly affected us all. The Delsea, like so many remaining real drive-ins and small businesses, is working hard to recruit suitable employees. In the meantime, we again, respectfully request your broad-minded consideration as we continue to work hard to deliver an enjoyable experience to as many customers as possible.


We are in need of concession restaurant workers to fill patrons' food and beverage orders. We are also seeking Parking Attendants/Field help. These are part-time seasonal positions. Looking for immediate hires. Prefer minimum 18 years of age. Interested individuals please forward contact info to:info@delseadrive-in.net.

ATTENTION!!! Individual that purchased online ticket(s) must be present and show valid I.D. at time of arrival at Box Office. If, for some reason, purchaser is not present, the Box Office Attendant must be able to contact the purchaser of record and get confirmation for confirming ticket use. Please have ID ready with your ticket(s).

We advise that you arrive a minimum of 45 minutes prior to dusk so that you can get scanned in and parked prior to the start of the movies. Too many attendees have been arriving later and are disrupting the attendees already in place. You MUST know how to extinguish your headlights BEFORE entering or cover them BEFORE entering. You MUST know how to run your radio while KEEPING your LIGHTS OFF! We may prohibit you from entering if the movie has already started.

*****ARRIVE AS CLOSE TO BOX OFFICE OPEN TIME AS POSSIBLE. WE NEED TO HAVE YOU PARKED AND SETTLED IN BEFORE THE SHOWS BEGIN. This also gives you an opportunity to order your food and beverages from our restaurant/concession and to utilize the restroom if necessary. No one enjoys headlights entering the fields when we are on screen. Your consideration is appreciated by all!

*****All tickets must be purchased online with one exception. If you need to add tickets for individuals within your vehicle, you may purchase them at the Box Office upon your arrival. Cash only, exact change ($11.73 per ticket added). It is absolutely imperative that you only purchase tickets for those that will be in your vehicle. Your completed transaction counts as one vehicle and reserves ONE space for your vehicle in the screen field. If for any reason your ticketed party arrives in more than one vehicle, we reserve the right to refuse entry of the additional vehicle. The tickets for the individuals within the non-disclosed additional vehicle are nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged for another date. If space is available, the additional vehicle would be allowed to enter for an additional charge of $35 + tax. Again, please only order tickets for those that will be within your vehicle.

***A Food Permit is required if you are electing to bring in ANY outside food or beverage (this includes bottled water and/or coffee/tea). The Food Permit is $20 per vehicle for the evening in addition to your General Admission tickets. The Food Permit may be purchased online at the time you purchase your General Admission tickets. If you have already made your online General Admission ticket purchase and have forgotten to purchase a Food Permit and still need one, the Food Permit will need to be purchased at the Box Office upon your arrival, cash only ($20 + tax).