House Rules



House Rules Continued

Food Policy

No outside food or beverages (including bottled water, coffee, candy, chips, etc.) are allowed on the premises, violation of this policy will result in your being escorted off the premises WITHOUT ANY REFUND. **
*FOOD PERMITS are not available at this time.

ALL OUTSIDE FOOD and BEVERAGES are prohibited. The DELSEA DRIVE-IN depends upon its Restaurant/concession sales to keep its workers employed.
Diabetic Medical Supplies are not considered Outside Food or Beverage:
~Glucose tablets
~Glucerna drink or similar diabetic product
~Hard candies
~Unopened water bottles in Emergency kit (limit 4)

* Medicines or their delivery systems or monitoring devices have never been prohibited and are not prohibited.These items are not considered outside food or beverage.

Other Food Products permitted:
~Ensure or like product
~Parental nutrition supplies
~Gastric food supplies
~Pureed foods
~Baby food
~Baby formula

***Individuals with other special circumstances are asked to contact the Delsea Drive-In via email at prior to visiting.


-Any patron falling acutely ill while at the Delsea Drive-In has never been made to wait and will never be made to wait in line for assistance. Notify any staff member and assistance will be offered immediately.

The following statement is intended for prospective patrons unfamiliar with the nature of a drive-in theatre:

The Delsea Drive-In Theatre is an open-air theatre and take-out, full-menu restaurant where patrons view current movies from the comfort of their own vehicles. Movies are projected onto a large, fixed screen and the audio is broadcast over the vehicle's radio. The Delsea Drive-In Theatre currently has two (2) screens and shows a minimum of a two features on each screen during regular operating days. The admission price covers one's attendance at either of the two screens. Switching between screens is not permissible without the purchase of another ticket and if space allows for the switch.

The Delsea Drive-In Theatre predominantly shows PG and PG-13 rated movies and caters to a "general" audience."G" rated movies, although seemingly produced in lesser quantity, are shown as well.
"R" rated movies are shown periodically dependent upon prevailing viewer interest or popular demand and, whenever possible, are reserved for the second and/or third feature slots.

Due to the physical nature of a drive-in theatre with multiple screens, please note that patrons on one screen may be able to view and/or hear content on/of the other screen. Parents are advised to review the MPAA ratings and to apply discretion to the extent they feel is necessary.

We understand that the drive-in may not be suitable for everyone. The increased freedom resulting from an open-air environment can reduce the level of control some patrons may require to feel comfortable.

The Delsea Drive-In Theatre has always tried to and will continue to try to maintain an atmosphere of affordable family entertainment, food, and fun. We are happy and grateful to entertain as many patrons as possible.

Jude DeLeonardis
John DeLeonardis, M.D.
Delsea Drive-In Theatre