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When are you open?
Late Spring and Summer (Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day): Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
Fridays and Saturdays through October and possibly November
(Thursdays will be added dependent upon demand).

***OPERATING SEASON UPDATE: The Delsea Drive-In Theatre may extend its operating season dependent upon prevailing weather conditions and attendance trends. Please check our website regularly for continued updates.
What are your hours of operation?
All first features start around dusk (civil twilight time).
Second Feature starts after 10-15 minute Intermission.
What time should I arrive? What time does Box Office close? Can I enter after a movie has started playing?
As always, we advise arriving as close to Box Office open time as possible. This allows you and your family sufficient time for finding your space in the field, purchasing and enjoying your meal, and settling in to watch the movies. Our Box Office closes at the start of the latest feature. NO ADMISSIONS after the Box Office has closed regardless of ticket status. You are forfeiting your tickets if you do not arrive prior to our Box Office closing time.
NO ADMISSIONS WHILE THE MOVIE IS PLAYING. ARRIVE EARLY. If you arrive late for the first feature, you will not be admitted until Intermission. If you arrive early for the second feature, you will have to wait at the Box Office until Intermission and then your tickets will be scanned in.  We are instituting this policy in consideration of all those attendees that are parked, ready to attend, and enjoying the movie on screen.
How far in advance are the movies scheduled and when do tickets go on sale?
In general, our movies are scheduled on a weekly basis. Negotiations between our booker and the studios usually result in confirmations by Tuesday at noon. The info is relayed to our web designer/maintainer and is usually up at our site by Tuesday evening. When we know that we will be getting a movie on the break or upon its release, we will post it at our site. Ticket sales are usually available/activated within one hour after our website has been updated.
I purchased tickets for five (5) individuals in one online transaction. Can we split up our party and arrive/attend in two (2) vehicles?
Ticket purchaser is entitled to ONE space for ONE vehicle in the screen field. ONLY PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THOSE INDIVIDUALS THAT WILL BE IN YOUR VEHICLE. If you have purchased one (1) to eight (8) tickets in one online transaction, than all 1 to 8 individuals must be in the one (1) vehicle. The Delsea reserves the right to refuse additional vehicle(s). If permitted in by management, the price for the additional vehicle space will be $30.00.
Who, what, where, why, and how are movies paired together?
To a great extent, what movies can be played together is determined by the studios involved. The studios compete against one another for the movie-goers’ dollars and would not want a rival up on the screen with their movie. We do try to pair movies with similar ratings together but sometimes that proves very difficult. There is a preponderance of PG and PG-13 rated movies. Even when we pair a G with a PG or PG-13, some individuals are upset because we have a PG-13 and an R on our second screen. We consider our establishment a family-oriented venue and avoid R rated movies as much as possible. Unfortunately, some R rated movies are widely popular and therefore would be considered for playing at the Delsea.
Can I switch screens?
Switching screens is not permitted unless you purchase another ticket and room allows. Each movie studio is paid separately according to the number of individual tickets. We have been frequented by “counters” from the studios. If we find that you have switched “illegally,” we will ask you to leave the premises.
Can I stay for just one movie or can I just attend the second movie?
You can attend just one of the features if you so choose but you must follow the rules regarding vehicle lights. You must use only parking lights when moving within the field and we are on screen. You must keep headlights otherwise extinguished. You are expected to be considerate of those patrons already in place and viewing the movie. See info regarding "Arriving late or leaving early."
Are pets allowed?
Pets are allowed ONLY on Saturdays when we are not operating on Sundays, not on Fridays.
Pets are ONLY allowed on SUNDAYS when we are operating on Sundays, not on Fridays or Saturdays.
We love animals. We have a pet of our own but the potential for patron disturbance or injury by an unruly pet or irresponsible owner is too high, particularly on evenings when a greater volume of attendees are expected. Everyone knows pets have to relieve themselves at intervals as well. It is dark at the drive-in and a pet's waste products would be difficult to see and avoid. Please see our Pet Policy for current updates/status.

*** Trained/certified Service Dogs that perform services for a disabled individual are not considered to be pets and are allowed at the drive-in in accordance with the ADA. Therapy pets are not Service Dogs and are not allowed at the drive-in.
Per ADA.gov:
What questions can a business ask about a service dog?
In situations where it is not obvious that the dog is a service animal, staff may ask only two specific questions: (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

(Please see "Pet Policy" under the House Rules tab.)
Is alcohol allowed at the drive-in?
All alcoholic beverages – wine, beer, liquor, etc., are prohibited at the drive-in. We reserve the right to notify the local police if it appears that any of our patrons are under the influence.
Do you offer refunds if it rains?
The Delsea Drive-In shows movies in the rain. No refunds are rendered if it rains. The only time a refund would be offered is if we had to terminate the show due to extreme weather conditions or irreparable technical malfunctions.
Is there a live person to talk to if I call the Delsea Drive-In?
Our phone system is really just set up to offer information on the weekly schedule. We cannot answer the calls. If you need assistance while attending, please seek the assistance of any staff member in the field (wearing a glow-in-the-dark vest) or come to our restaurant/concession building and ask any of the staff members for assistance. If you are not present and have a question, please email us at info@delseadrive-in.net. Most answers can be found at our website. We cannot attend to Facebook questions or emails during prep and operational hours.
Can I come into the drive-in after a movie has started or leave before it ends?
You can come into the drive-in and leave at anytime during a movie. You must use only your parking lights if a movie is in progress. Daytime running lights must be dimmed either by engaging your emergency brake one notch or by physically covering your headlamps (for example, with cardboard).
Will I be allowed to re-enter the drive-in if I have left for some reason during the evening?
Normally, you would need to purchase new tickets at the Box Office upon re-entry. Due to our ONLINE TICKETS Only policy at this time, you will not be able to renter after you leave the drive-in field unless online tickets are still available for purchase.
How do I listen to the movies?
We broadcast the movie sound/audio using FM radio signal. You can use your car's FM radio or you can bring a portable FM radio with you. We have some radios for rent but they go quickly. Radio rentals are exact cash only: $10 and require leaving a valid driver's license and card on file with us for the evening.
Will my car battery "die" because of using the car radio all evening?
Patrons are advised to turn their key to the "Accessory" position only. Most patrons do not experience a dead battery at evening's end. Jumps are provided to any patrons needing one, quickly.
Can we "run" our car if it rains, is too hot, is too cold?
Car engines can not be running. We would have an environmental nightmare on our hands to have a field full of cars running all evening. Momentary starts are okay but that is all. We have many patrons like to sit out on warmer evenings and would not appreciate breathing in another vehicle's fumes. In cooler weather, dress warm and bring blankets. We have plenty of hot food and beverages in our restaurant/concession.
Do you offer group discounts?
We do not offer any group discounts. We are under contractual agreements with the various studios to charge an agreed upon amount. Our admission prices are discounted for all of our patrons.
Can I sit outside of my vehicle to watch the movies? If so how can listen to the movie?
Patrons are welcome to bring in their own portable radios and lawn chairs if they so desire . Chairs must be placed in front of the vehicle and not beside the vehicle. We have a limited number of chairs available for rent.  Please see a field or concession staff member regarding rental. Cash only, exact change: $ 4.00 and valid Driver's license on file.
The Delsea Drive-In Theatre will consider "Pass" donations to all legitimate fund-raising organizations. In-person requests are preferred when possible. All requests must be accompanied by an explanatory letter, non-profit Tax ID, and contact info. If approved, party requesting the donation may come by the Delsea Drive-In during regular operating hours to pick up the Passes. Please read operating hour info at our website's Home Page and FAQs section. If visiting the Delsea Drive-In during operating hours presents a hardship or if we are closed for the season, we ask that the requesting party forward an addressed, stamped envelope to:
Delsea Drive-In Theatre
2203 S. Delsea Dr.
Vineland, N.J. 08360

Please understand that the Delsea Drive-In Theatre, although happy to donate to reputable causes whenever possible, is a privately-owned small business with annual limitations on gift-giving. Your understanding is very much appreciated.

  • The Delsea Drive-In does not “own” the movies it shows. The movies are negotiated with the movie studios via a third party.  Most of the Box Office dollars go toward paying the negotiated fees, negotiation process, and film deliveries and film returns.
  • The Delsea Drive-In is a private outdoor venue for the interested, paying public and not a public park or free space. Rules and regulations are largely influenced by a consensus among UDITOA drive-in theatre owners and are enforced by the drive-in management personnel.
  • The management of the Delsea Drive-In wants all its patrons to have an affordable, truly enjoyable movie viewing and alternative dining experience, in or outside of their cars, under the stars.
  • Vehicles with hatches or truck beds may be parked in reverse to allow  occupants to view screen from back of vehicles. Please remember that hatches can not extend higher than the roof of your vehicle. Driver is responsible for securing the hatch at the required height. Failure to comply will require relocating the vehicle to a place where hatch height will not obstructs other patrons' views of screen. Relocation will be at the discretion of field management.
  • Movies are shown if it rains.